Player Development Program Brochure

Professional Player Development Program (PPDP) A player in this program must be a current member of a college golf team with a desire to play professional golf. Competitive scoring average requirement is 73 or below in college or amateur events. Elite Player Development Program (EPDP) Players in this program have a desire to play at the collegiate level and are working weekly on their skills. Age Requirements 13-18 Competitive Scoring Average Requirements Boys ages 13-15: 78 or below Boys ages 16-18: 76 or below Girls ages 13-15: 80 or below Girls ages 16-18: 78 or below Advanced Player Development Program (APDP) This program is for players aspiring to play at the high school level and are currently participating in some tournament golf. Age Requirements 11-14 Competitive Scoring Average Requirements Boys ages 11-14: 80-85 Girls ages 11-14: 82-87