Corporate Retail Catalog

Corporate Retail Catalog 2023

2 On behalf of the Sea Island Retail Team, thank you for choosing Sea Island for your upcoming event. Sea Island offers a wide selection of personalized services and amenities specially designed to meet the needs of social and business groups. Whether it be a gift card or an item specifically tailored to your group we can help in creating the perfect experience for your guests. The Shops offer a wide variety of products, many of which can be embroidered, printed, or engraved with your group or company's logo. We can also arrange to have your items delivered to your guest's rooms, placed on golf carts, placed in meeting rooms, or even as a turn down gift in the evenings. Please remember, any product with the Sea Island logo is a trademark item and must be purchased through Sea Island Company. Sea Island does not allow retail vendors or promotional gift vendors access to sell, demo, or display items on Sea Island property. This would include pop-up gift shops, retail giveaways, etc. These events are available through Sea Island Retail. All the best, Tyler Dawson Group Golf and Corporate Retail Professional

3 Table of Contents 4 - Apparel 14 - Headwear 15 - Belts 16 - Golf 19 - Beach 22 - Glassware and Marble 23 - Small Gifts 24 - Spa 25 - Le Creuset 26 - Col. Littleton Leather Goods 27 - Hudson Sutler Bags

4 Apparel Sea Island is pleased to offer a wide variety of apparel options from the industries top labels. Peter Millar, Zero Restriction, Holderness & Bourne, Straight Down, Nike, and more. Included are several styles and colors that are “typically” in stock. These might be good options for quick turnaround orders and large orders. We can also pick seasonal offerings from each vendor. These are usually inventoried in smaller quantities and are subject to sell out faster. It is recommended to have sizing in advance of seeking seasonal options. This allows the vendor to provide us a detailed list of what is available based on your needs. Custom embroidery is available on nearly all apparel. A safe order lead time with embroidery would be 4 weeks+. Peter Millar Solid Stretch Jersey - Performance

5 Peter Millar Jubilee Stripe Jersey - Performance

6 Peter Millar Interlock 1/4 Zip - Cotton Peter Millar Perth - Performance Peter Millar Stripe Perth - Performance Peter Millar Galway - Performance

7 Zero Restriction Power Torque 1/4 Zip (Waterproof) Zero Restriction Power Torque 1/2 Sleeve (Waterproof) Zero Restriction Power Torque Full Zip and Packable Pant (Waterproof)

8 Zero Restriction Z700 1/4 Zip, Half Sleeve, and Vest (Windproof)

9 Zero Restriction 625 Vest (Windproof) Zero Restriction Z500 1/4 Zip Pullover (Tech Layer) - Multiple Colors Zero Restriction Z425 1/4 Zip (Tech Layer) - Multiple Colors

10 Straight Down Burnside Cotton Interlock Straight Down Optic Performance Waffle

11 Zero Restriction Hooded Olivia Jacket (Waterproof) Zero Restriction Wind Jacket Zero Restriction Tech 1/4 Zips, Full Zips, and Vests All have multiple color options

12 Straight Down Emma 1/4 Zip Straight Down Claire 1/4 Zip Straight Down Swing Full Zip

13 Headwear Sea Island offers a wide variety of options from top of the line headwear vendors including Imperial, Ahead, American Needle and a classic cut Sea Island private label. We typically keep in stock the traditional colors below, but can also order from dozens of other offerings. (A minimum to order my apply) Custom embroidery is available on all hats and most visors. The lead time for custom orders is typically 4-6 weeks.

14 Custom Belts - Can be embroidered or printed in lots of colors.

15 Golf Most golf items are fully customizable. Lead times vary, but plan on 6 weeks to be safe. Golf Bags from Ping, Titleist, and Callaway Golf Travel bags from Clubglove Golf Balls from Titleist and Callaway (A minimum to order my apply to customized golf balls)


17 Fully Customizable Leather Headcovers (A minimum to order applies) Sea Island Pin Flags Golf Towels

18 Beach Most beach items are fully customizable. Lead times vary, but plan on 6 weeks to be safe. Beach Totes and Canvas Totes Beach Towels

19 Sunscreen, Chapstick, and Croakies Tumblers and Coolers

20 Maui Jim Sunglasses - These work great for interactive giveaways

21 Glassware and Marble Most glassware and marble is fully customizable. Lead times vary, but plan on 4 weeks to be safe.

22 Small Sea Island Gifts Daily Devotional A Book of Church Liturgy and Prayers Custom Candles Able to be co-branded Custom Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish Variety of Christmas Ornaments

23 Spa

24 Lots of fun options in a variety of colors

25 Fine leather offerings with a variety of personalization options

26 Customizable cooler totes, duffels, and totes in a variety of colors